The Most Unusual Ways to Increase your Insurance Premiums

November 19th, 2010
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Insurance premiums are one requirement automotive drivers simply cannot avoid. Whether it is financial responsibility insurance or full coverage, all 50 states within the United States require some form of automotive insurance.  The rates of the insurance policies are dependant upon many variables such as age, sex, vehicle model and location. The largest contingent in insurance premiums is driving records. Many motor vehiclist’s insurance rates dramatically increase with traffic violations, accidents and unlawful behavior. But what about selling ice cream or using P-G17 language while operating a moving vehicle?

The most unusual ways to increase your insurance premiums:

Say goodbye to the street-side fudgesicle:

Indianola, Iowa has taken away all smiles on a hot summer day by making it illegal to sell ice cream from a truck or any motor-operated vehicle. They have official banned the “Ice Cream Man”.

Small fee for pedestrians

Small, possibly accidental, traffic violations such as running a red light in Florida can cost a driver over $125, additional points on your license and possibly increasing your insurance rates, while hitting a pedestrian in Sarasota, Florida may only cost a driver a $78 fine.

Keep your pants on:

Wardrobe decisions must be made before entering a motor vehicle in Sag Harbor, New York. The city officials have banned all disrobing while in a vehicle and issue fines for those who disobey the law.

While passing into the State of Alabama please make sure to remove your blindfold. It is now officially illegal to operate a motor vehicle while wearing a blindfold.

Gas up or get locked up:

Youngstown, Ohio has made it illegal for drivers to run out of gas within the city limits.

Don’t Jump:

Safety aside, think before you jump out of a moving vehicle in Glendale, California. The city has made it illegal to jump from a moving vehicle that is traveling over the speed of 65 mph.

If you want to lift a vehicle over your head you will have to travel over the Oregon border. It is a traffic violation to use your vehicle to demonstrate physical endurance.

Keep it P-G:

For anyone who will be traveling through Rockville, Maryland please remember to leave your “adult” language behind. The city of Rockville has formed a law against drivers using any vulgar language while driving a motor vehicle.

No matter have bizarre the laws are it is better to understand them and avoid increasing your insurance rates.

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