Tips For First Time Auto Insurance Buyers

November 29th, 2010
Insurance Tips

Whether you are a teen or a new driver buying insurance, there are ways to help ensure you  are receiving the most respectable insurance policies at an affordable price. Unfortunately,  auto  insurance is an expense to owning a vehicle that cannot be avoided.

Auto Insurance is used to protect your vehicle and your safety in the event of an accident. It is more like risk management coverage. For new drivers, the risks of damaging your parents    vehicle or your newly leased vehicle can be scary, having auto insurance provides a sense of  security during those beginning stages of driving.

It is not only scary to hit the road for the first time, it is scary to buy your own insurance policy.

Our insurance expects have put together a list of tips for first time insurance buyers:

Do Your Research

Buying insurance can be complicated and confusing. The first thing you do not want to do is jump into a policy before understanding all of the terms and before you have done a little comparison-shopping.There are hundreds of insurance companies in each state, each company offering slightly different insurance policies. Find out the differences in coverage and the costs associated with the differences. Online sites have made this form of comparison-shopping easier such as

Get An Estimated Insurance Quote Before You Buy A Vehicle

Before you buy a new vehicle check with insurance companies and compare possible  insurance costs.  The monthly premiums of auto insurance are dependant upon many  different variables, one of them being the risk of the vehicle. There is a category of “safe” or  low risk vehicles that may be more suitable for new or first time drivers.  When you are  searching for new vehicles ask your local dealerships about safety ratings and family friendly  vehicles. You want a vehicle filled with safety features such as duel airbags or anti-lock  breaks.  Do all of your research before buying any vehicle. There are sites where you can get estimated costs of insurance policies before you purchase a vehicle such as

Know The Discounts Insurance Companies Offer

Most if not all insurance companies offer discounts to teens or students who receive good grades, grades above a C. Some insurance companies also give discounts to those who have taken extra safety courses or courses provided by the insurance companies themselves. These courses help further educate new drivers and let insurance companies know exactly what information is being taught.

Drive Safe

There is nothing that can increase the cost of insurance more then accidents and  tickets.  Reckless driving resulting in an accident or a ticket can cost you in more ways then  one such as fines, higher deductibles or even failure to be insured by insurance companies.    Insurance agencies have the ability to refuse coverage to any driver, for those with repeat risk  factors such as accidents, the possibility of being insured decreases.

Scene Of An Accident

If you are involved in an accident, there are a few things that insurance companies expect drivers to do. Always notify the officials when an accident has occurred and never leave your vehicle or the scene of an accident. Drivers should always keep some form of a camera in their vehicle. Documenting all accidents with a photo can help officials and insurance companies determine the fault of the accident.  Always carry a form of identification, your license, your insurance card and your registration in your vehicle.  Without the required forms of documentation, officials have the right issue a citation, thus increasing the cost of your insurance policies.

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