Tips To Help You Save Big At The Pump

March 14th, 2011
Saving money on Gas

Whether you are going on the long awaited road trip or driving your routine route to work, there are ways to drive more fuel efficiently. The recent hike in gas prices has drawn extra caution to driving and your wallet. Although, we as consumers do not have the luxury of determining what we pay at the pump there are ways to reduce the time you spend filling up your vehicle.  Read our automotive experts tips on conserving your gas consumption.

Change your Driving Habits

  1. Drive Slower

Driving at a more rapid speed forces your vehicle to battle extreme wind resistance thus increasing the gasoline your vehicle requires. Traveling in low gears can consume 45% more fuel than needed.  You can assume that each mph you drive over 60 mph you are paying an additional $.24 per gallon for gas.

  1. Turn off Air Conditioning

Although, some locations do not allow you to drive around with no air conditioning without drowning in sweat but running your air conditioner reduces your fuel efficiency.

  1. Brake Correctly

A vehicle consumes the most gas when accelerating from one speed to another. The amount of gasoline it takes to maintain a speed is minimal. The cost is truly in the stopping and starting of a vehicle. The smoother you drive, the better your vehicle will be on gas.  Ease into faster speeds, gradually accelerating.

  1. Avoid Excessive Idling

While idling, your vehicle gets 0 miles per gallon. One minute of idling is equivalent to starting your engine. If you can avoid idling for a long period of time, you will increase your fuel efficiency.

Car Maintenance

  1. Remove Excess Weight

The weight of your vehicle has a lot to do with the amount of weight you are carrying in your vehicle. The weight of your vehicle is something you can avoid but the amount of extra items stored in your trunk is up to you. Carrying around an extra 100 pounds in your vehicle can increase your mpg 2%.

2.  Use the Correct Grade Oil

The life of your engine depends on the quality of care you give it. If you take proper care of your vehicle and replace the oil frequently, the engine will run smoother. The quality of oil you use helps the vehicle remain cooler and in turn burn less fuel.

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