Top 3 Automotive Print Ads

May 14th, 2012

The automotive industry is full of competition. In general, this leads to higher quality products, better safety features, and higher performance engines. Advertising for automakers plays a pivotal role in moving units.

There are entire advertising agencies dedicated exclusively to the auto industry. Here are some award winning print ads sure to get some attention.

Mazda’s “Predator Ride”
-Features the CX-7 in a Jurassic style city outskirts.
-by The Smarts Agency.

Land Rover’s “City vs Nature”
-Features FreeLander 2
-by Young & Rubicam

Volkswagen’s “Reach High”
-Features Amorak powering giant mechanical

We hope you enjoyed these creative ads, if your not sure which features each vehicle has you can always use our ‘New Car’ tab to search and evaluate each vehicle.

*Amoraks searched, financed, and purchased through may or may not include actual mechanical ram.

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