Top Ten Best Selling Car Video Games

June 6th, 2012
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There are many facets of the automotive field. Repair, purchasing, auto insurance, motor sports and an exceedingly extensive list of automotive related businesses. One often overlooked category, is automotive video games.
We have compiled a list of the top selling video games for auto enthusiasts. Starting at 10 and counting down, here are the all time best selling car-related game franchises.
10. Test Drive
Copies Sold: 5 Million
Original Game Date: 1987

9. Project Gotham Racing
Copies Sold: 7 Million
Original Game Date: 2001

8. EA Sports NASCAR Series
Copies Sold: 9 Million
Original Game Date: 1997

7. The Fast and the Furious(Mobile)
Copies Sold: 13 Million
Original Game Date: 1999

6. Need for Speed Underground
Copies Sold: 15 million
Original Game Date: 2003

5. Burn Out
Copies Sold: 15 million
Original Game Date: 2001

4. Driver
Copies Sold: 16 million
Original Game Date: 1999

3. Midnight Club
Copies Sold: 18.5 million
Original Game Date: 2000

2. Gran Turismo
Copies Sold: 72.3 million
Original Game Date: 1997

1. Need for Speed
Copies Sold: 100 million
Original Game Date: 1994

If you ever get the need to do some extreme racing through a city, or be the get away driver of a heist, video games are a safe alternative to living out your driving fantasies.

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