Unmarried Couples Can Save on Auto Insurance

September 15th, 2011
Insurance Agent Explains Policy

In today’s society, an escalating number of states are implementing laws that give couples in domestic partnerships and civil unions a lot of the same rights as couples that are married.

So, what is something that domestic partners can look for? Well car insurance of course. Insurance companies are reacting to these laws by offering new discounts to unmarried heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples who enter into legally recognized relationships.

Esurance has recently announced that they are offering new savings to couples that enter into civil unions in Illinois in light of the state’s recent passage of the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act.

This law gives couples in civil unions many of the rights already offered to married couples. Claim histories show that married couples tend to be lower risk for filing claims than a single person.

The auto insurance discount could be 10% or more, but it will vary depending on accident history, car type, driving record, etc.

In addition to Illinois, domestic partners in California, Oregon and Washington can also receive the extra discount from Esurance, who is also trying to expand their efforts to other states.

Among the first of insurers to offer domestic partners discounts Esurance began offering the discount in June 2004 in California, 7 months before the California Insurance Equality Act went into affect.

The law forbids insurance companies from issuing policies that treat registered domestic partners and married spouses differently. All companies must administer state laws for how to treat domestic partnerships or civil unions.

Esurance customers can receive their discount by explaining their domestic partnership or civil union when asked about their marital status. To change your marital status you can simply call or go online. They may need for a copy of the completed certificate of civil union or domestic partnership for confirmation, so keep that near by.

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