Vehicles Avoid Accidents When Driver is Distracted

July 21st, 2011
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A technologically advanced system designed to protect aircrafts from crashing into each other in flight is coming to roadways with the Volvo XC60. The mid-sized luxury SUV has adopted the advanced technology to attempt to keep its passengers safer with its collision-avoidance system.

The collision-avoidance system, City Safety, is designed to reduce the number of accidents occurring at speeds from 2 mph to 18 mph. The City Safety technology uses an infrared laser sensor to predict possible accidents. It functions as such, if the driver fails to slow down as they approach outside objects the safety system will apply 50 percent of the maximum break pressure and slow the vehicle down.

This system, a standard in 2010 Volvo XC60, is a first of its kind in working to reduce the number of slow moving accidents. In major cities, the major occurrence of motor vehicle accidents is slow moving traffic. Drivers are distracted by daily tasks and their busy schedules, answering phones on the road, turning to react to a crying baby, change their music stations, alter their GPS systems, and the list goes on. The newly advanced safety system is built to work with those distracted drivers that may not be able to react fast enough to avoid an accident.

One of the first studies of the collision-avoidance system by Highway Loss Data Institute report the Volvo XC60 was involved in 27 percent fewer accidents and 51 percent less bodily injury claims than other mid-sized SUV’s of its class.

Current reports of the system prove its ability to lower the frequency of motor vehicle accidents with the infrared laser technology, but there are suspected concerns with the system. The lasers may work less effectively if weather is present such as snow, rain or extreme fog.

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