Vehicles Read Your Text Messages While You Drive

November 18th, 2011
Woman texting while driving

Texting while driving has proved to effect drivers by slowing down their reaction times and causing more distractions. Distracted drivers account for more than 20% of all injury motor vehicle accidents with cell phone use the number one driving distraction. The numbers are endless proving driving distracted is dangerous and puts those around you in danger with over 95% of drivers admittedly reporting texting while driving is a distraction and dangerous, over 35% of drivers responded to a survey by saying they continue to text and drive despite its known dangers.

With these kinds of numbers, the motor vehicle industry has responded by providing a hands-free solution. Ford Motors and Microsoft have teamed up to create a technology that will allow drivers to stay connected through the Ford Sync technology. The newer technology was brought to the Ford Focus in 2008 and is now to become available in other Ford vehicles. The system allows drivers to make hands-free phone calls, adjust music, receive and respond to text messages all by voice control.  The Sync technology is currently available in over 2.5 million vehicles, with that number growing daily.

With increased demand and known safety featured of the Sync technology, Ford has decided to install the feature into all 2012 model Ford vehicles with exception to the Ranger.  For those vehicles 2010 or later, there will be upgrades available, making the service available to you.

The Sync technology was previously available as an add-on service for $395 but now is being offered for $295.

Although, emerging hands-free technology is growingly popular, drivers are opting out of such service due to the interruption the service provides. When the driver receives a text message, all media playing (music or audio) will be paused until you have finished receiving or replying to the text message, the same goes for speaking on the phone. Since the service operates through the same audio service as the radio, it is virtually impossible to have both the radio and a phone conversation-taking place at the same time.

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