What Car Modifications May Mean For Your Insurance

October 6th, 2011
A mechanic working

Thinking of making a few modifications to your car? Well, before you head out to the car shop to buy all the right materials you may want to consider what a new upgrade will mean for your insurance policy.

Before making any improvements to your vehicle, you may want to check with your insurance company to see what kind of effects changes may have on your car insurance quote, because it could essentially result in higher premiums.

When insurers come up with a quote for your policy they take into consideration things such as, the type of car you have, driving history, claims record, etc. Adding features to your car to make it faster or flashy may send red flags to your insurance company causing them to view you as a higher-risk driver, due to the likelihood of accidents or theft.

Additionally, adding rare or expensive parts to your car can raise insurance prices because the cost can for fixing something broken could be more expensive than it would have before the modifications. However, not all modifications can result in a higher insurance quote.

For those who decide to upgrade their cars security system may actually find that they might reduce their policy amount. Ensuring the safety of your vehicle from break in and theft shows the insurance company that you are taking necessary steps to avoid making a claim.


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