What Does Your Car Say About You

October 11th, 2011
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Vehicles are like dogs, they tend to match the owners personality. It is common you can tell a lot about a drive based on the vehicle they drive. Manufacturers understand this all to well with their marketing efforts geared toward certain people depending on the product they are advertising, such as a minivan commercial will frequently feature families, soccer moms and safety geared toward the mother of the household. Whether you purchase your vehicle subconsciously or consciously because of what it may present you as, your vehicle says a lot about who you.

What is your car saying about you?

Luxury Vehicle

People who are status seeking individuals, usually older, established men, commonly drive a luxury vehicle such as a Cadillac. Those individuals who are profit-driven workaholics tend to drive luxury vehicles to show their financial status with an expensive vehicle.

Green or Hybrid Vehicles

Those who drive “green” environmentally friendly vehicles tend to be more eco-friendly and cautious to their surrounding. They tend to be less focused on their image and perception and more focused on the basic use of a vehicle, to get from one location to the next in an affordable and less environmentally harmful way.


Drivers of pickup trucks tend to be image cautious, small town living men. Those with large pick-up trucks tend to dislike city living or congested areas and tend to have hard-working, hands-on occupations. A study concluded those that drive trucks are more likely to be middle-income, lower educated individuals.


Drivers of a mid-sized car tend to be more bland in their personality and tend to be more indecisive. They opted for the easy choice of a vehicle rather than purchasing a small vehicle for saving on gas, a sport vehicle for outside adventures or a large vehicle for traveling. They tend to be a person who is in need of acceptance and belonging to a group, they typically live in a midsized town.


Those who like to drive larger vehicles like an SUV tend to be less environmentally cautious and tend to drive short distances. They are more likely to be women under the age of 40 and tend to have children.

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