What You Need To Know About Traveling On Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2010
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This Thanksgiving lets be thankful for our safety as we travel to our holiday destinations.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest traveled holidays of the year and marks the beginning of the “holiday season”. According to AAA, roughly 42.2 million Americans will be traveling at least 50 miles from their home to their destinations. This comes as an increase to last years travels, 11.4 percent increase, making the roadways even more crowded then the past years.

It is estimated that over 94 percent of those traveling this holiday will do so by motor vehicle, thus insuring roadways will be crowded and travel time will be greatly increased.

Be prepared for your travels with a full tank of gas, check the air on your tires, pack clothing and food in case of an emergency and have your cell phones charged.

The crowded roadways will be one of the challenges of travel along with weather conditions. The Weather Channel is predicting seasonal weather in all portions of the country. The northwest may see snow fall in areas of lower elevation, while the Northeast may experience thunderstorms and rainfall.

These weather conditions will cause travel times to be slower and increase the risk of accidents. The conditions may reduce traction and visibility while traveling.

Plan your vacation in great detail before hitting the pavement.  Make sure to check the weather for your location and destination, stay updated on traffic conditions for major roadways and give yourself more time then necessary to avoid unsafe driving.

Safety does not end once you arrive at your destination. Practice safe-driving techniques on your travels home as well. The National Safety Commission reported in 2009 there were 15 deaths and 425 alcohol related injuries that occurred on Thanksgiving.

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