When New Tires Are Necessary To Replace

September 20th, 2011
New tires

When it comes to buying tires for a vehicle, drivers must remain educated to ensure their safety and the safety of their passengers. Tires are one of the most important components to a vehicle, supporting the vehicles weight, allowing for mobility and keeping a vehicle on the road during unforeseen weather.  Although, tires are extremely important many drivers do not know when the appropriate time to purchase new ones may be.

Tires are important for many reasons such as safety, gas mileage and control. When a vehicle has tires that are extremely worn out they may not be as effective at stopping or slowing down a vehicle due to lack of grip. This is most important in weather such as snow or rain. Drivers can loss control of a vehicle that may hydroplane or slide due to lack of tread on a tire. Maintaining the proper tires may also help reduce the cost you spend on gas. A study concluded gas mileage can be improved 3.3 percent by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure as well as keeping them even with tread amounts.

So, how do you know when new tires are needed?

There are simple ways to know when you have run the life out of your tires such as if they lose air pressure frequently, the amount of tread on them is greatly reduced, the wires are sticking out of the tire belt, you notice your control is decreasing, etc.  There are also ways to be proactive in knowing if your tires are nearing their ending days. A common trick used to check tire life is by sticking a penny in the tread of the tire and see if the tread reaches over Abraham Lincoln’s head, if it does than you still have some life left in your tires. If almost the entire penny is showing, than you need to replace your tires.

To ensure your safety, it is recommended to check your tires tread once a month. If you are in search for new tires, keep in mind the tire warranty. Each manufacturer has a unique warranty that they guarantee the safety of their tire. This can be a good indicator as to how long the tires may last.

Tires are a vital part to your vehicle and the wear of them can be influenced by your location, driving patterns and the vehicle you drive. For a low impact driver, driving a few thousand miles a year, they may be able to get longer use out of a set of tires than someone who drives 40,000 miles a year. If you notice your tires are balding, bulging or your control is diminishing, you may want to visit a local tire warehouse for replacement.


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