“Winter is coming.”

October 15th, 2012
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With winter just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of ten things that our friends in northern areas should keep in their cars. It may seem like common sense, but we aren’t talking about flashlights and jumper cables. One may not have thought of these things, but they will be helpful if you have some car trouble on a cold winter night.

Blankets. Be sure to keep a blanket or two in the trunk or back seat of your vehicle. If you find yourself broken down on a back road, blankets will keep you warm in your car until help arrives.

A change of clothes. A flat tire doesn’t seem like that serious of a problem, until one has to change a tire in freezing rain, sleet or snow. Keeping a change of clothes could prevent hypothermia in the most extreme scenarios or just keep you comfortable in more mild instances.

Towels. Towels are great multipurpose tools. Aside from the practical drying yourself off, towels can serve as a pillow, or even be used to assist a vehicle in getting traction to free itself from mud or ice.

A shovel. Keeping a shovel handy, space permitting, can allow you to shovel out of a snow drift, or clear a path for your vehicle to proceed.

Duct Tape. There are entire website dedicated to the various uses of duct tape. A fairly decent example for duct tape here would be holding on a bumper, or covered a broken window in the even of an accident.

Road Salt. If your vehicle gets stuck in ice, road salt can become invaluable.

Gloves. In the cold winter weather it will certainly be of use to keep an extra pair of gloves handy to prevent frost bite.

Non-Perishable food. Nuts, jerky, crackers, and simple high energy foods can save your life on a winter road trip.

Bottled Water. Drinkable water really doesn’t require an explanation. Just make sure that every so often you toss out and replace the bottles to ensure freshness and safety.

Necessary Extra. This category is defined by the personal needs of the driver. A spare set of glasses for the vision impaired, insulin for a diabetic, inhalers for those with asthma and any necessary items it would be good to have a spare.

We hope that you never have to use any of these items and avoid any terrible situations. But if you do get stuck on a backroad on a cold winter night, at least you will be prepared.

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