Idaho Auto Insurance

State Insurance Requirements

All registered or operated vehicles must be covered by liability insurance. The Minimum amount of liability coverage required by the state of Idaho is $25,000 for injury, $50,000 for all injury, and $15,000 in property damage. Commonly referred to as 25/50/15 coverage.

You are required to carry proof of insurance in your vehicle.

The list below constitute legal proof of insurance:

  • A temporary insurance card issued by the insurer.
  • A premium receipt or insurance binder issued by the motorist’s insurance agent.
  • The current declarations page of a liability insurance policy.
  • The actual liability insurance policy issued for the vehicle.
  • A certificate of liability insurance policy issued by either the insurer or an authorized agent.
Failure to produce proof of insurance during traffic stops or at an accident results in a $75 fine for first offenders, and $1000 fine, license suspension and 6 months possible jail time for repeat offenders.
DMV Point System

This state enlists a point system to monitor and penalize driving infractions. If a driver is convicted of traffic law violations, the driver will gain points on their drivers license. If those points reach a state specified amount, their license will be suspended for a predetermined period based on the amount of points gained. After three years time, without any further incidents, a traffic conviction loses its‘ point value for suspension purposes. However, it will stay on your permanent driving record and may effect your insurance rates.

Below is a list of violations and their corresponding point values, failure to follow the listed procedures for, or committing an offense:

  • Starting parked Vehicle - 2 points
  • Limitation on Backing – 1 point
  • Drivers to Exercise Due Care - 3 points
  • Driving Through Safety Zone Prohibited - 2 points
  • Operation of Vehicles on Approach of Authorized Emergency Police Vehicles - 3 points
  • Drive on Right Side of Roadway – Exceptions - 3 points
  • Passing Vehicles Proceeding in Opposite Directions – 2 points
  • Overtaking a Vehicle on Left - 3 points 
  • When Passing on Right is Permitted - 2 points 
  • Limitations on Overtaking on the Left - 3 points
  • Further Limitations on Driving on Left of Center of Highway - 3 points
  • One-Way Highways - 1 point
  • Driving on Highways Laned for Traffic - 1 point
  • Following Too Closely – 3 points
  • Vehicle Approaching or Entering Unmarked / Uncontrolled Intersection - 3 points
  • Vehicle Turning Left – 3 points
  • Vehicle Entering Highway - 3 points
  • Required Position and Method of Turning - 3 points
  • Limitations on Turning Around - 3 points
  • Obedience to Signal Indicating Approach of Train - 4 points
  • Compliance with Stopping Requirements at all Railroad Grades - 4 points
  • Emerging from Alley, Driveway, or Building - 3 points
  • Basic Rule and Maximum Speed Limits - 3-4 points
  • Minimum Speed Regulation - 3 points
  • Special Speed Limitations – 3-4 points
  • Construction Danger Zone Speed Limits - 3 points 
  • Pedestrian’s Right-of-Way in Crosswalk – 3 points
  • Obedience to and Required Traffic Control Devices - 3 points
  • Traffic Control Signal Legend - 3 points
  • Flashing Signals - 3 points
  • Stop Signs - 3 points 
  • Failure to Yield-Signed Intersection - 3 points 
  • Turning Movement and Required Signals – 3 points 
  • Duty to Give Information in Accident involving Damage to a Vehicle - 4 points
  • Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle - 4 points
  • Duty upon Striking Fixtures Upon, or Adjacent to, a Highway - 4 points
  • Inattentive Driving - 3 points
  • Obedience to Traffic Direction - 2 points
  • Driving on Divided Highways - 1 point
  • Restricted Access - 1 point
  • Overtaking and Passing School Bus - 4 points
  • Racing on Public Highways - 4 points
  • Exhibition of Speed - 4 points
  • Excessive Acceleration - 4 points
The state of Idaho may suspend your license for point accruement the durations and point totals are as follows:

  • 12 to 17 (in any 12 months) = 30-Day suspension
  • 18 to 23 (in any 24 months) = 90-Day Suspension 
  • 24 or more (in any 36 months) = 6-Month Suspension

Some offenses may cause a Driver’s license to become suspended instantly and without point assessment. Below is a list of other possible ways suspension may occur:

  • DUI
  • Homicide by vehicle
  • Felony committed using a motor vehicle
  • Hit and Run or leaving the scene of an accident
  • Racing
  • Fleeing or eluding an officer
  • Fraudulent or fictitious use of or application for a license
  • Reckless driving.
  • Failing to pay a judgment for damages in an accident.
  • Administrative license suspension (effective 1-1-98, suspension for failing a breath, blood, or urine test when tested for DUI).
  • Refusal to Submit to an evidentiary test for DUI.
  • Failing to pay a fine for conviction on an “infraction” charge. (Infractions are a step below misdemeanors and include such minor violations as parking tickets.)
  • Fleeing from or eluding a peace officer.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury or death.
  • Unlawful use of a driver’s license or identification card.
  • Failure to carry motor vehicle insurance.
  • Alcohol-age violation (possession, use, or procurement).
  • Violation of restriction.
  • Underage possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia.

School districts may order the Idaho Transportation Department to suspend the driver’s license and privileges of a minor who fails to attend school or does not comply with school requirements.

Any court or the Department of Health and Welfare may order the Idaho Transportation Department to suspend the driver license and privileges of any person who fails to pay child support, fails to comply with visitation rights, or fails to comply with a subpoena for a paternity suit or child support proceeding.

Disclaimer is in no way offering legal advice to consumers. Although we update our information regularly, and attempt to be as accurate as possible, state laws may change and we are not liable for any misinformation resulting in legal action or otherwise.

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