Continues to Ensure Quality

February 28th, 2012
Internal corporate changes continue to strengthen the quality and reputation surrounding’s business model.

West Palm Beach, FL (June 6th, 2011) –, an online-based company working within multiple insurance lead verticals, continues to strengthen its lead verification processes through various quality assurance forms.

Quality assurance forms, a technique used to ensure the minimum requirements for a quality lead have been met, has been in place and utilized by since its launch in 2008. With progression and growth,, has decided to revisit its quality control techniques and create more advanced specifications and requirements for the leads passed through its systems.

The newly advanced quality assurance forms, developed and implemented by the senior research and development department, will reduce the number of rejected leads dramatically due to tighter restrictions within the forms. The system circulates a lead and then flags those that do not properly fit all of the specifications of the lead, have faulty information or blank portions. Those that have been flagged will then be passed onto the quality assurance department to further look into the lead through traditional forms of contact. If a lead is entered into the system and does not fit the specifications, such as the driver of a vehicle must be over the age of 18, the system will automatically reject the lead.

This improved system ensures the consumer is quickly and accurately matched with the proper insurance provider and that the clients receive the highest quality lead from

For more information on lead quality assurance or about visit is a multifaceted company with a consumer-friendly interface enabling consumers to meet all of their automotive needs. The simple forms with drop down menus and self-generated answers have made searching for automotive insurance and new vehicle prices easier for consumers. strives to provide a simple solution for those who have automotive needs, whether it is to search, finance or insure.

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