Works With Parents To Lower Teen Driver's Insurance

February 28th, 2012
divider announced new efforts to work with parents across the country to lower the high costs of teen insurance.

West Palm Beach, FL (December 6, 2010)—Insuring a new driver under the age of 25 can be costly, works with new drivers to provide quality insurance policies at affordable rates.

Unfortunately, teen drivers are considered to be a high risk for their lack of experience. Drivers under the age of 25 are four times more likely to die in automotive accident then older drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

For Parents, adding a teen driver to your insurance can significantly raise your rates. Most insurance provides do not consider drivers to be adults until the age of 25. Anyone who falls below this age will be forced to pay higher rates for insurance.

Although, age is something we cannot change, there are ways to lower the cost of insurance for first time drivers.’s insurance professionals have created a list of ways to lower teen’s insurance:

  • Drive slowly and take extra precautions while driving. Most insurance provides offer safe driving discounts
  • Drive without distractions such as cell phones, music and friends
  • Always wear a seat belt. Many insurance provides offer discounts for drivers who wear their seat belts and protect their safety.
  • Do research before purchasing a new vehicle for a teen. Insurance provides have a list of safer vehicles with lower premiums
  • Do well in school. Insurance provides offer discounts for students with good grades
  • Lastly, shop around before you lock yourself into any insurance rates actively works to provide new drivers with affordable insurance by providing a comparison-shopping website. New drivers can search multiple top-rated insurance providers in minutes and compare the policies, ensuring the best coverage at a price you can afford. is a multifaceted company with a consumer-friendly interface enabling consumers to meet all of their automotive needs. The simple forms with drop down menus and self-generated answers have made searching for automotive insurance and new vehicle prices easier for consumers. strives to provide a simple solution for those who have automotive needs, whether it is to search, finance or insure.

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