Lead Verification Team At AutoCricket.com Expands

February 28th, 2012
2011 stands to be a promising year for AutoCricket.com with the latest expansion within the lead verification team.

West Palm Beach, FL (April 13th, 2011) – AutoCricket.com expands their lead verification department during the month of April within their West Palm Beach, Florida office.

The success of AutoCricket.com continues to grow into the second quarter of 2011 and with growth comes an expansion of their respectable lead verification team. AutoCricket.com works with multiple venues of leads such as auto insurance, finance, new car, health, life and home insurance leads. The leads circulated through AutoCricket.com are of the highest level of quality due to the extensive call verification and data verification processes. Within the lead department at AutoCricket.com there is a strong team of individuals working to ensure all leads pushed to clients are only of the highest quality.

As AutoCricket.com grows with an increasing flow of online traffic and a continuous level of organic leads generated, AutoCricket.com is forced to expand their lead verifications department to maintain their quality of leads. The department is scheduled to double within the month of April at their West Palm Beach location.

The department is structured to go through each lead, analyze the data and verify various subjects before the lead can be pushed outside of AutoCricket.com.

AutoCricket.com is known for their respectable leads and their outstanding ability to generate leads at a high volume. To partner with AutoCricket.com or for more information contact our business development department at 561.845.2463.


Autocricket.com is a multifaceted company with a consumer-friendly interface enabling consumers to meet all of their automotive needs. The simple forms with drop down menus and self-generated answers have made searching for automotive insurance and new vehicle prices easier for consumers. Autocricket.com strives to provide a simple solution for those who have automotive needs, whether it is to search, finance or insure.

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