Dangers of Driving on Halloween

October 26th, 2011
Halloween Night

As the days creep closer to Halloween, drivers must be ware of the dangers of driving during the holiday. Halloween is named the deadliest day for pedestrians for the increased foot traffic during the dark hours. The holiday is named dangerous for the increase in alcohol consumed, the heavy foot traffic, the activity all-occurring in the dark hours and the dangers of dark costumes.  This year stay safe with AutoCricket.com’s driving tips.

Tips for Driving on Halloween

Do not drink and drive

The increased foot traffic is sure to increase dangers on the road, do not increase the dangers by getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. It is also assumed the law enforcements will be out in full force with random check points checking for drunk driving.

Stay alert

With the increased foot traffic on the roads, it is imperative that you stay alert and ready for quick reactions, as trick-or-treaters are sure to cross streets frequently. Staying alert can be done by reducing or eliminating distractions caused by cell phones and load music.

Drive Slow

Trick-or-treats are going to be out in full force, walking the streets where there are large groups of homes. Drive slowly and be cautious, do not assume there will be no trick-or-treaters out on the road; it is better to be safe than sorry so keep your speeds down and give yourself plenty of time.

Communicate with your lights

Your vehicles lights can help you to communicate with other drivers as well as pedestrians by keeping your lights on at all times, using your signals and warning others of high foot trafficked areas.

Always yield to pedestrians

Pedestrians have the right away on the road; it is your responsibility as the driver to yield to pedestrians. It should be expected that children will be darting across the streets, stay alert and yield to those crossing the road. Young children may not know or understand the dangers of crossing the road, keep everyone safe by driving slow and yielding.


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