Utah Auto Insurance

State Insurance Requirements

All registered or operated vehicles must be covered by liability insurance. The Minimum amounts of liability coverage required by the state of Utah are $25,000/$65,000 for injury/death and $15,000 for property damage. Commonly referred to as 25/65/15 coverage.

Utah is considered a no-fault state, thus, you are also required to carry Personal Injury Protection(PIP) insurance in the amount of $3,000

You are required to carry proof of insurance in your vehicle.

The list below constitute legal proof of insurance:

  • A temporary insurance card issued by the insurer
  • Permanent Insurance Card
  • Policy Declaration Page
  • The actual liability insurance policy issued for the vehicle
  • A certificate of liability insurance policy issued by either the insurer or an authorized agent
  • A copy of the rental agreement when renting a motor vehicle which specifies the insurance coverage
If a driver fails to provide proof of insurance to an officer during an accident or traffic stop, they face $400 minimum fine for the first offense. Every subsequent offense results in a $1000 fine.
DMV Point System

This state enlists a point system to monitor and penalize driving infractions. If a driver is convicted of traffic law violations, the driver will gain points on their drivers license. If those points reach a state specified amount, their license will be suspended for a predetermined period based on the amount of points gained.

Below is a list of violations and their corresponding point values:

  • Reckless Driving – 80 points
  • Speeding (depending on severity) – 37 – 75 points
  • Failure to Yield Right-of-Way 60 points
  • Following too Closely (tailgating) 60 points
  • Wrong Side of Road 60 points
  • Wrong Way on One-Way Street 60 points
  • Red Light – 50 points
  • Stop Sign – 50 points
  • Improper Lookout – 50 points
  • Improper Passing – 50 points
  • Negligent Collision – 50 points
  • Other Moving Violations – 40 points
If a driver reaches 200+ points within a 3 year period must attend a hearing and may have their license suspended.

The following is a list of predetermined point values and their suspension duration:

  • 200 to 299 points: driver may be placed on probation or suspended for three months;
  • 300 to 399 points: driver is suspended for 3 months;
  • 400 to 599 points: driver is suspended for 6 months; and
  • 600 or more points: driver is suspended for 1 year.


AutoCricket.com is in no way offering legal advice to consumers. Although we update our information regularly, and attempt to be as accurate as possible, state laws may change and we are not liable for any misinformation resulting in legal action or otherwise.

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